The Astrological Signs As BTS Songs Because Loving Yourself Is A Big Leo Mood

Scorpios are messy and live for drama, but behind that cool, confident exterior lies deep insecurities. A Scorpio will never let you know how they’re really feeling, so even if it looks like they’ve moved on after a breakup, chances are they’re a total mess inside. Still, passionate Scorpio can put on a brave front. That hard-earned emotional resilience is front and center on “I’m Fine.” The song is a spiritual continuation of the group’s 2016 track “Save Me.” Now, however, BTS doesn’t need anyone to save them; they can save themselves. And a Scorpio has never had a problem being the hero of their own story.

Biggest mood: “I’m feeling just fine, fine, fine / I’ll keep telling myself / Even if I fall down again / I’m fine”

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